25 life lessons I wish I knew when I was 25 – Robin Sharma

  1. That most of the things we worry about never come to pass.
  2. That life has an intelligence we cannot understand yet everything happens for our best.
  3. That sunrises and star showers are more valuable than success and influence.
  4. That forgiveness is something you do to free yourself.
  5. That sometimes silence is the loudest reply.
  6. That old people tell the best stories.
  7. That often the simplest of human beings have the strongest of characters.
  8. That friendship is a priceless treasure.
  9. That keeping a journal is praying on paper.
  10. That following the crowd never gets you very far.
  11. That critics are critics because they can’t produce their own art.
  12. That deep change is meant to be uncomfortable.
  13. That people you love will betray you but that’s no reason not to love.
  14. That kindness is more powerful than brilliance.
  15. That genius basically comes from a terrific work ethic.
  16. That sleep is a top performer’s secret weapon.
  17. That most people have great hearts and will show you them if they feel safe.
  18. That if someone took advantage of you it’s because you allowed them to take advantage of you.
  19. That once you dream up the “what” the “how” always falls into place.
  20. That life expands to the size of your vision.
  21. That it’s wiser to master 10 books than rush through 100.
  22. That inner power is more soulful than outer power.
  23. That leadership is simply the opposite of victimhood.
  24. That creativity demands solitude.
  25. That real success means being yourself.
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  • Truly Inspiring.

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