Arshi Haider

Chairman bti Holdings Ltd.


The late Clayton Christensen is someone I truly admire. He was a professor at Harvard Business School and has authored seven books. He has received the Mckinsey Award for Harvard Business Review’s best article five

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Our Future

In my previous article titled Pandemics, Science and the future of humanity, I ended with a question about our future considering the advances made in the field of medicine and biotechnology which could possibly eradicate

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The Micromanaging Dilemma

A culture of micromanaging can seriously debilitate an organization. It disempowers employees, demotivates the high achievers and can eventually lead to an organization full of incompetent “Yes People”. To quote General George Patton, “Never tell

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Sometime ago I read an interesting book called The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. In this article, I present my learning from this highly acclaimed book. I however do want to make it clear

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